I’m convinced that the whole ‘art gallery opening’ thing is just a good excuse for people to go out to various clubs and get together. LOL. When we got to the place last night, I saw some smallish geometric black and white, anglish presentations on the walls, placed above each booth and an open spaces and such, and rather assumed that it was the decor. So both David (Tara’s SO) and I asked her at different times (it was loud in there and we couldn’t hear well), “So this is an art thing?” And then she pointed to the black and white things, which I then realized were made out of paper like materials and not painted on the walls. That was the art show part. It’s not that the black and white designs weren’t interesting in a geometric kinda way, it’s rather that I had been expecting more of a ‘walk around and look at paintings’ kinda ‘art gallery opening’ and this was more of a small scale, “social” thing. Oh, it appears I have much to learn about ‘the scene’, should I wish to take the time for it. LOL.

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