What *I* want to see is a movie or television company EMBRACE and ENCOURAGE those who would make fan sites on the internet, instead of try to shut them down, like Warner Brothers is trying to do to Harry Potter Fan Sites. Bunch of ignorant muggles – don’t they know when to work WITH rather than AGAINST? WB says “the company wants “to be responsible to all true Harry Potter fans” by ensuring fans aren’t exposed to any inaccurate or harmful content.”” How about they just let Harry Potter fans take responsibility for themselves, instead of using that as an excuse or cover story for their real agenda, that fan sites were “likely to cause consumer confusion or dilution of intellectual property rights.” No one is SELLING anything, they’re just FANS – let them GO. The rest of the world knows what a FAN SITE is – PLEASE! Ugh. So I go back to my original vision – a company that will EMBRACE and ENCOURAGE fan sites instead. Yes – much better.

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