DrakNet just keeps getting cooler and cooler. They are a domain hosting company that focuses on the pagan community (we’re using them for Abstract Weirdness – we’re not “pagans” per se, but we play them on TV – LOL), they are run by people who just love what they do, they have a dragon in their logo, they have EXCELLENT pricing and packages, they let you do all kinds of cool crap with CGI, PHP, SSI, etc. (with a ton of really good online documentation that can help you learn and get through sticky parts), they are very responsive, take multiple forms of payment, AND they just doubled the amount of monthly transfer for the account package we use, just updated to some kick ass processors, AND just created an even cheaper account for when you want to host a smaller domain (20 megs). As you can see, I highly recommend them. And it’s really fun to sing the praises of people doing such great things – I think I want to do this more often – LOL.

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