PDAs (handhelds, Palms, etc.) are neat little devices and becoming more powerful all the time. But I don’t read newspapers, don’t need stock quotes, don’t need to carry around lists or addresses with me… basically all I’d use it for is an electronic address book that I’d keep in a drawer. I guess I could now get one to play Bejeweled on though – LOL. Anyway – I guess I’m still the kind of person that would prefer a small laptop. And I still don’t have any great urging for a cell phone either. First of all, they don’t work out here in the boonies, and that’s the main reason I WOULD want one, in case of car trouble in the boonies – heh heh. Secondly, I don’t really WANT people to be able to reach me everywhere, especially in the car (although having an emergency phone or CB might be okay) – that’s where I get to be ALONE – probably wouldn’t hear the ring over the loud stereo anyway. And John and I have such a telepathic link that the devices become secondary. Yesterday I had this thought out of the blue, “You know, we haven’t had baked beans in ages – they would go good with tonight’s dinner.” So naturally John comes home with a can of baked beans and says, “I was going to get French Fries, but they didn’t seem quite right – the beans kept calling me.” heh heh. This concludes todays ramble about technology that’s neat, but I can’t justify for myself. What a morning pick me up – DOH! *grin*

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