I hate the word “community”. To me it implies that all the people who “belong” all have the same interests and ONLY those interests – it implies a lot of homogeneity which, in my opinion, is just a big illusion. I like being an individual and connecting with other individuals who reflect a similar interest as me. The media can imply a lot when they say “the scientific community” – it certainly seems like all the scientists agree with each other, which is never a reality. And, it also implies that the opinion of the “scientific community” (not picking on science – just using that example because it’s such an oft used one) is the most valid, or even the ONLY one available from that corner of society. I don’t mind saying that I live in {town} but if it gets said that “I am a part of the {town} community” – suddenly it seems that who I am has been downgraded and made less than this OTHER entity. And this other entity, ironically, would not exist except for the participation of individuals – it is merely an “idea” in that sense. Anyway – I’ll stop ranting in a moment – I just think “community”‘s a loaded term, used to play on people’s emotions, and represents antiquated ways of looking at life. So there. 🙂

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