When I was a kid, growing up in the Syracuse area of upstate New York (Bridgeport and Liverpool), it rained a lot. And when there were sunny days, Mom always said, “It’s a nice day; you should be outside.” So, rainy days became a day where it was okay to stay inside and do inside things. When I moved to North Carolina after college, there were a TON of “nice days” and I always felt like I SHOULD be doing something outside, even when I didn’t feel like it. In California, MOST of the days are “nice” (although I prefer the term “sunny” since “nice” is definitely subjective and not my preferred label) and the subtle pressure to do something or be active seems omnipresent almost. I don’t like it. Today though, a beautiful, steady rain is falling, and I’m remembering what it feels like to let myself do “inside” things without feeling any kind of weird compulsion. *grin*

The interesting thing here is that the high and low pressure systems actually correspond to how I feel emotionally – high pressure to ‘do’ when it’s sunny, and low pressure or relaxation when it’s rainy. Ack – I feel so predictable! LOL.

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