I finished the acrylic painting of our little schoolhouse the other day – it looks rather good. All I have to do is put some varnish on it (acrylics look rather ‘flat’ without varnish). Rendering still images from photos is rather easy for me – it’s just drawing what you see, and then filling in the lines with the appropriate color. I’ll never forget that day a long time ago when I realized that sun shadows are actually PURPLE, not grey or black – we have a yellow sun and the opposite color of yellow is purple, a mix of blue and red (primary colors). Blew my little mind – LOL.

And I can’t help but think that there’s something symbolic about ‘finishing the schoolhouse’ – about our ‘work’ here being finished as well. It’s a nice idea to have when you really WANT to move too. But anyway – I’ll post an image of the painting when I get a chance.

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