I had a dream last night that blogger took out the interim page between the one where you log in and your actual blog entry page – you know, that page where you get to click on which blog you want to work on? Huh. *shrug*

In other design news, yes tom, certainly IS the season for designing! I had a temporary index page up for the cc site – it was okay and had a little flash animation on it… but it was kinda bland. So yesterday, I just followed more impulses and redesigned it again. Like the fox vox design, I think it’ll keep for a while. I started out with a font for the title graphic that reminded me of greek or roman writing on buildings, and then I added columns (literally), and a neat background, which then reminded me of waves, and a laurel wreath, and then nautilus shells – overall, the design feels vaguely “Atlantian” to me now – huh. Anyway – go check it our for yourselves and see what YOU think. *grin*

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