Remember that scene in Phenomenon where John Travolta’s character is standing over a fault line and he gets nauseous from the ULF (ultra low frequency) waves he’s feeling and knows from this feeling that an earthquake is coming? Well, last night I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t eat a thing. This morning I was still a little sick. At 10:22, the house gave a solid lurch – twice – the lurchiest I’ve ever felt here, even though it was ‘only’ a 3.9. When I checked the quake site it turns out that there’s been a LOT of earthquake activity here since midnight, including a 3.1 at about 6, a 3.0 at 7 ish and that 3.9 at 10:22. Now – if only I could REMEMBER that when I feel nauseous that would most likely mean geologic instability, that could be more handy as a ‘predicter’ – heh heh.

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