One of life’s major mysteries – if a person manages to subscribe themselves to an email list, why is it they can’t UNsubscribe themselves too? As a list admin, I don’t MIND doing those kinds of things, but I just wonder. I mean – if you sign up by sending in a blank email, you do the same thing to unsub, but putting “unsubscribe” instead of “subscribe” in the address. And if you do it via the eGroups/Yahoo website (which you use, even if you put your name in at the cc site), then there’s an ‘unsubscribe’ option right there at all times too. That aside, I am amused by unsubscribe requests that happen every time the list gets a little peckish *grin* that only say things like “GET ME OFF THIS LIST!!!!” And just to be fair, people MAY have tried to unsub themselves but Yahoo is messing with them/the site – still getting the kinks out – that kind of thing. But ANYWAY… I think I’m going to take the night off – LOL.

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