Okay, now, the REASON that the last post got interrupted in the middle was because I heard a cow moo. Not a bull, a cow, which meant the whole herd was coming along. (Tired of cow stories yet – just click on another link at the top of the page – LOL) Which meant they’d be in our yard, coming in through the bull-holes (so many jokes, so little time) in the fence. The first one that I saw was actually the OTHER bull (red & white) and the black bull that was already in our yard got really scared and wary all of a sudden. Then, they were staring at each other over the fence – it was rather intense. (We watched them scrape with each other and butt heads in the field once – didn’t want that in our yard – they could have taken out the entire fence in no time flat, just pushing each other around.)

So John and I ran outside, and were at least able to close the INNER gates so they couldn’t get directly into our yard. Called our landlord – he said he’d come right over. Watched the cows (lots of little ones – they ARE really cute) all rush in and mill about, looking for grass.

Anyway, since I’m tired of writing about cows right now I’ll just summarize – landlord came, helped herd them out of the yard and down the river a ways, we closed the gates, and our landlord said that the owner was going to move one of the bulls to another pasture. FINALLY! YES! Actually, that’s probably all the black bull ever wanted, a pasture of his own away from the red & white bull. LOL. Okay – I’m going to go do something non-cow related now. No – really! (tom – you sorry you went home so early and missed all of this? *grin*)

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