Yesterday, our landlord spent a few hours on his tractor, scraping most of the green grass out of our side pasture so that dang bull wouldn’t be attracted by it anymore. So of course, last night, just after it got dark, he came around again. The bull, not our landlord. *grin* We chased him off, but got cold and bored when he just stood a ways away from us, so we went inside, knowing full well he’d break in. SO.. we just opened up the fences inside our yard so he wouldn’t break any more boards (hopefully) So about 8 p.m. he met our expectations. *rolling eyes* He ate all night, and even slept under the large live oak tree by our porch and now he’s still out there, prowling around and eating. Because the rains haven’t been very consistent or timely, the grasses on the hills haven’t been growing very much, so this is probably the best meal he’s had in a long time.

We’re hoping that if he just eats it all, then he won’t be back for a long time (and then maybe we’ll have moved by then – pity the next tenants *grin*). What’s kinda strange is that this feels like the right thing to do – it’s kinda like ‘resistance is futile’ in one way, but also, we really DON’T have any worries that he’ll damage the house or our car, and this might be the most direct way to a solution. We ARE thinking of sending the bill for fence repair and poop cleanup to the bull’s owner though. I don’t pretend to understand the owner’s lack of action in this case – I guess the ranchers experience this kind of thing every so often with each other’s livestock and so just repair it themselves, figuring it will all work out. But you’d think he’d be a little more concerned since we’re NOT ranchers, and if that bull DID damage the car or one of us, he WOULD be liable for it. Oh well – I don’t see any of that happening anyway. The only hassle right now is having to take the dogs out on leashes for a while.

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