LOL – well I figured out what I felt “was coming” yesterday. The bull. THREE more times. First time, tom and I (John was at work) went out there and made sure he kept moving. Second time (he came back – the barn up the road apparently doesn’t have much to hold his interest) I was in the shower and tom had to shoo him along with the shovel. He jumped over the fence to the bull’s side to move him along, and then jumped back rather quickly – heh heh – but it worked. Third time, *tom* was in the shower and I had to stand guard while the bull roamed closer. I waved around our broom (I watched our rancher neighbor who’s like 5 feet tall MAYBE herd cattle while walking along, just using a long stick) and made noise – the noise seemed to do more. The bull moved from one pasture fence to another, so I was running back and forth, always telling him “NO!” and “Move along, nothing to see here.” Then tom was back and we both stood at the fences. The poor bull – we both got the feeling that he was just grumbling, vocally, AND in mood. Finally, he moved off down the road and back into the hills more. Egad! Hope he stays there!

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