7:30 this morning I was out in the yard in a nightgown, sweatpants, and bathrobe, yelling at a 1500 pound Angus bull to get out of our yard. I spent the morning repairing fences AGAIN. (Did that yesterday too – same bull-story – Tom and I fixed the fence then while John shoveled the fresh bull shit out of the yard – don’t want to tempt the dogs – yuck!) Then the bull came back again – crraaaaccck. Chuck, our landlord, came over and I helped him repair and fortify part of the fence – before Chuck even left, the bull was back, and while he could still get in the side pasture, he wouldn’t be able to easily get into our HOUSE yard again. Then, these two guys who were hauling wood down our road, and had seen us fixing the fence earlier, saw the bull and asked me if I wanted them to chase it out. You bet I did! So this guy jumps in the pasture and just yells at the bull and runs towards him and the bull books it out of there, and THEN the guys fix the OTHER parts of the fence as well!

So – I’m exhausted! And we ran out of nails and boards too. At least its supposed to rain tomorrow – so that’s something to look forward to.

Some advice – don’t ever get your son or daughter a pet bull for Christmas – it may SEEM like a cute idea for a pet, but…… *grin*

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