I woke up at 4 a.m. to the most wonderful sound – RAIN against the roof! It wasn’t even a ‘shower’ it was a good ol’ RAIN! Our stream has been creeping down the streambed for days, without the benefit of ANY rainwater adding to it (just ground water), and it just might have gotten a crucial boost last night. I’m sure it’s probably down to our little sideroad now.

See, the countryside out here is completely different even when there’s just a LITTLE stream flowing. Suddenly, the place doesn’t seem to dry and stagnant and motionless. And when the sun’s out – desert like. I’ve already done a little dam building too – yesterday I blocked off a tributary that had formed so that the little amount of water that was flowing would continue to flow in ONE stream instead of splitting off for a little while – I wanted the stream to reach the road sooner – LOL.

You know, it’s kinda strange to me how happy this little stream makes me feel again. I genuinely missed it! Ahhhhh.

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