You can click on advertising banners or special sites to save the rainforest, to feed the poor, and now to donate a free mammogram. Kinda almost makes you feel SORRY for the advertisers who are paying for it all – heh heh – okay – not really. But IS internet banner advertising WORKING? And what does WORKING mean? John and I were talking about this the other day – for instance, if Coke stopped advertising, we’d still drink it. But they spend kazillions on advertising because why – because they are afraid that if they stopped advertising people would forget about them and just go to the NEXT product that IS advertising? I guess there IS some part of the populace (or so advertisers believe) that is just led around by what they are shown, but that doesn’t include MOST people *I* know. Hmmmm. Something for me to figure out later, I guess.

I DO appreciate Coke’s latest “screaming on the bridge over the train” commercial though – heh heh. Now, if ad banners were all THAT clever I might pay attention to them as well – not necessarily buy anything, just enjoy them.

So, advertisers are then just… what… art studios with either really bad or really good artists? Heh heh. Anyway… for some reason right now I feel thirsty…

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