Thinking more on this Yahoo/France thing – if it’s an AUCTION house, then wouldn’t the INDIVIDUAL simply be the responsible part then for selling Nazi memorabilia to French citizens? Even without the internet a person could send some Nazi stuff to France – should that mean that the telephone companies are responsible for making sure they don’t make arrangements that way? I guess this is really what the whole Napster thing is about too. Napster lets people exchange music files. SOME people will use it to exchange illegally copied files. Is Napster responsible for monitoring? Is the post office responsible for making sure each package ISN’T illegal? Or are these ideas just a new twist on the idea of being guilty until proven innocent? Hmmm!

What I’d like to see is simply individuals taking responsibility for themselves. I would also like to see people putting more focus on what they WOULD LIKE to see instead of stopping this or that that’s already OUT THERE. Like the guys with the bumper stickers in yesterday’s post – they are spending a LOT of time focusing energy in ‘creating’ SUVs in their reality to tag. What if they put that energy and creativity into imagining the ALTERNATIVES to having all those SUVS out there that they hate? Resistance really IS futile, but choosing another focus/probability certainly isn’t – and I’d like to see people understanding that subtle difference.

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