French Courts are telling Yahoo that it’s their responsibility to block access from French people buying Nazi memorabilia on their web auctions because it’s illegal in France to buy it. It seems to me that it’s not Yahoo’s responsibility to block anyone from ACCESSING it, but it seems that if it is being delivered to someone with a French address that just might be breaking international trade laws? If I was Yahoo, I’d just put in a line of code for the country France that says, “Oh, sorry – can’t do it – didn’t know you lived in France.” Of course, I don’t know what France has told Yahoo to actually do, whether it was to block French citizens from even SEEING the stuff or what, but Yahoo’s protesting, naturally. Maybe Yahoo, since it’s acquisition of Geocities, and WebRing, and eGroups, has simply forgotten that there are still ACTUAL boundaries in the real world? *grin*

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