I had a dream last night that showed me, I think, why I stop myself from leading with my intuition. Why I often seem to hold back from expressing what I know unless there’s already some physical means of justification for this “knowing” – most of it has to do with overt criticism, based on, naturally, nothing being “evident”. I dreamt everything from a Malcolm in the Middle scenario where they take a private jet because they DIDN’T get on a plane and it crashed (rewards for listening to intuition?) to a Star Wars rebellion type dream where I was supposed to be following this one ship on an Empire controlled planet, but had an impulse to break off the convoy – didn’t find out what I finally chose to do. Then, there was a MATRIX scene where I did something and the character “Switch” (who was rather ‘rough’ in the movie) jumped down my throat for doing something that I still was pretty sure wasn’t going to hurt us and might actually help us, but her verbal attack really took me back. Yup – lots of ‘stuff’ here to look at!

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