They promised us rain, and all we got was showers and then partly cloudy skies. Geesh – if you wanna do something right you gotta do it yourself.

And I know that “Chrismtas doesn’t come from a store” but we went out shopping for lights and ornaments and such yesterday and… well – I usually get excited about looking at all the stuff. But there was hardly any selection and I didn’t feel ANY kind of Christmas spirit anywhere! Well, okay, there was a bit at the restaurant where we had lunch, but none at all in the stores. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still am. We actually found more of the kinds of decorations that we wanted in the local GROCERY store. In any case, we went home and created our OWN holiday spirit – got the tree up and the lights on and watched Rudolph. *grin* I love it because of the memories, but looking at it with fresh eyes – wasn’t Santa mean and ego-centric and snippy? heh heh.

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