Yes! Check out the Satellite Photo of the U.S. West Coast – there are clouds EVERYWHERE, and a beautiful system coming in from the west. They are predicting a real RAIN on Monday, not just showers. I’m not just happy because we have yet to get a good rain in this so-called rainy season, but also because it will certainly help our stream start flowing AND will help replenish our well. Right now I’m running our pump for about 25 minutes and it sorta slurps its way along, basically filling the holding tank for a day’s worth of water. When the well is replenished, the well pumps 100x stronger and fills the tank MUCH more easily.

So anyway – yes – RAIN RAIN RAIN!!! And some places will get SNOW and maybe we’ll see pictures! *grin* The only commercials you see in California with snow in them are the Ford Explorer type where they are going up to the mountains skiing. I didn’t realize this until we were watching a movie John had taped off the TV while still in New York, and we saw lots of commercials with snow two feet deep, cars stuck in it or driving really slowly, people shoveling. In New York, snow is a way of life, not a weekend vacation. LOL.

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