A story of personal disaster averted because of listening to your intuition – with “bionic” ears – how appropriate! “Lindsay Wagner, of ‘The Bionic Woman’ fame was due to take a plane out of Chicago, but her feelings of overwhelming dread saved her and her mother from getting on that plane, a plane that, yes, crashed. On that Friday, Lindsay and her mother were waiting to check into the fated American Airlines flight. Lindsay was no stranger to psychic intuition, and over her life, had many psychic flashes and intuitions that would later prove to be absolutely correct. Consequently, when she started to get a really terrible feeling at the check in counter, she gave in to the “psychic” voice in her mind. Probably more carefully than other people might have done. As it got closer to the time to board the flight, Lindsay said that she could only look at the other passengers, and felt wave after wave of a feeling of blackness come over her. She could not pinpoint it exactly, but she knew there was no way she was getting on that airplane. Her mother could see how agitated Lindsay was getting, and although she didn’t feel anything, she could see that her daughter was genuinely distressed. So it didn’t take much for her mother to agree that they could take a later flight. With just ten minutes left to board the plane, and never look back, the two women decided to remain on the concourse at O’Hare. As the DC-10 rose in the air, Lindsay prayed that it was just her imagination, but still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. Seconds later, as the jet fell from the sky, she knew that her intuition, gift of prophecy, or whatever you want to call it, had saved the life of her mother and herself.” (from Blue Moon News)

Kristen here now – what stuck out for me was the ‘waves of blackness’ description. I remembered a story from (I THINK) Edgar Cayce’s life where he was about to get on an elevator but was suddenly struck by a blackness or deadness around everyone else in the elevator. The doors closed without him on the elevator, and it malfunctioned and everyone plunged to their deaths. At least, that’s how I remember it. That also reminds me of that X-Files episode where the photographer that can’t seem to die, goes around taking photos of people who are ABOUT to die – they showed these people in black and white instead of color. I think these are all rather excellent descriptions of really LOW or practically nonexistent energy. I’ve actually described people who seem really low on energy as feeling very ‘grey’ to me. Interesting!

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