This afternoon, I was chatting with a friend, live, on ICQ – we were talking about how life is really a fun, dramatic adventure once you get past your fears. I was reminded of the El Nino flood that destroyed our road in 5 places and how we got a free helicopter ride with the Red Cross and got to go 4-wheeling through deep mud and rivers, etc.. I was also reminded how Tom loves saying that he wouldn’t create earthquakes if they weren’t fun for him. *grin* My friend and I got to chatting about earthquakes for a bit – and then went onto a different topic.

Five minutes later – WHUMP – my whole house shook like a giant had whacked the side of it. *grin* We hadn’t had an earthquake here in at LEAST 8 months – at least not one big enough to really notice. When I went to the earthquake site, sure enough, there was a big red square pretty much right where our house is – it was a 3.9! And it was, indeed, fun! Talk about a nearly instantaneous creation! And this image you see is a small piece of a larger map – the red square indicating the earthquake is pretty much right under our house.

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