Two cool stories from Blue Moon News:

1. When Ann McLane locked her keys in the car with her Alsatian-Collie mix, she tried for hours to get the car door open. After a policeman and Ann had both failed to get the car door opened, Ann was desperate. She told Sheba to: “Go get mummy’s keys.” To the surprise of the crowd who had gathered to watch, Sheba opened Ann’s purse and retrieved the keys, then passed them out of the one and a half-inch gap to her rather shocked owner.

2. Candlearia Villanueva was traveling on the “Aloha” when it caught fire and sank six hundred miles south of Manila. With only a life jacket strapped around her for twelve hours floating in the Sea, things were looking pretty grim. That was, until she was rescued. Kinda.. .. A giant Sea turtle appeared beneath her. Some thirty-six hours later, the crew of a Philippine navy vessel rescued her, thinking that the woman was floating along with the aid of an oil drum. They didn’t realize it was a turtle keeping her afloat until they pulled her out of the water. Villanueva later reported that there was also a smaller turtle that had crawled up on her back and nipped her every time she was about to fall asleep. She thought that it wanted to prevent her from submerging her head beneath the waves, and drowning.

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