Our landlord just stopped by to work on the wall heater (heater in the wall, not a machine to heat walls – LOL) and gave us a three pound jar of sage honey, made from bees kept just up the road. The local ranchers often trade a little ‘bee keeping’ space for honey, since this area is ripe with sage. Our landlord also mentioned that coyotes killed one of his two ewes – he said he went out there and it was a mess – wool everywhere. Apparently there are a lot of coyotes around right now, because their only real natural enemy is the mountain lion… and while there are a bunch out here (I saw one once!), there aren’t enough right now. The coyotes also killed a (neighbor’s down the road) newborn calf a month or so back. The universe has all kinds of odd checks and balances – maybe someday I’ll figure it out. And neighbors stopped by his house and gave him a wild pig (almost a boar, but not quite) they’d killed. Oh, the things you learn whilst chatting with the locals.

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