(from Blue Moon News) “Colleen Moore was a famous movie actress of the Silent Screen. All her life she had dollhouses, each one getting more complex and more detailed than the last one. After she had made a tidy little sum acting, she was talking to her father about their passion, collecting miniatures. He told her she should build the “Fairy Castle” she had always dreamt about. And so she did. In 1926, work began on the Colleen Moore Fairy Castle. It took over nine years to complete this colossal miniature world. Over 700 craftsman and artisans were involved in the building of this dream. It resides at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry… The Castle stands twelve feet at its highest point, and nine feet square. It has its own plumbing and electrical system, with hot and cold running water. In the great central hall are floors of carved ivory with carved rose vines that flow into the golden pillars, growing right up to the hand carved ceiling overhead. Two stories above are the beautifully painted dome ceilings, painted by Helga Brabon, where the Grimm Fairy Tales, and Hans Christian Anderson stories are enacted for all eternity.” … Anyway, you get the idea – to SEE this castle, click here: http://www.msichicago.org/exhibit/fairy_castle/fchome.html

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