Yes! They’ve finally started filming live action episodes of The Tick (comic book character, also animated series character) – had heard about this a while ago and then NOTHING, and now it’s going to be a mid-season replacement on Fox. We watched a clip online a long time ago, and it looked really good – they stayed very close to the spirit of the original character. Patrick Warburton is playing the tick – you may remember him from his “David Putty” character in Seinfeld, the son of the contractor always working on the house in the Dave Barry series, the fiance to Lisa in the News Radio series… etc. I think they have chosen wisely. 🙂 … … … After successfully getting a cup of coffee from an uncooperative coffee machine at a bus station for a hapless traveler, The Tick triumphantly shouts, “Java Devil, you are now my bitch!”

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