I was sitting here, waiting for Blogger to load, when I caught what I THOUGHT was an errant piece of fluff floating down in front of my eyes – turns out it was actually a SPIDER descending on a WEB, almost at my nose! *grin* Well, it startled me, and then I grabbed the webline and moved the spider to the floor. Since I associate spiders with writing (spinning webs, although not just ‘fiction’) – I think I’m reminding myself to do some WRITING today – thank you Ms. Spider!

In other news, I have now become an Automated Blogging System! Meaning? That while Tom’s away on a trip with a low probability of internet access, I’m going to be posting his pre-written posts to his blog once a day. *grin* Hey – when bloggers just disappear, even when they tell you they’ll be gone, it can be disturbing. (When they don’t tell you and just disappear – just stop posting, you just keep WONDERING, like with DarkAngel – where are you?)

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