Usually when the cows are “milling” around by the wind mill *tumbleweed bounces by in the silence of such a bad pun* I don’t go out there and pump the well – I wait until they’re gone. But yesterday I just decided what the hell, and walked THROUGH the cows (they were spread out over the field) and sat by the windmill as the pump ran. When I focus on my objective instead of them, they almost seem to not notice me much at all. While I was sitting though, a little white calf stared at me the whole time, maybe because I kept doing silly things to keep its attention, like waving my arms around or sticking my thumbs in my ears and wiggling my hands in pure bullwinkle fashion. *grin* All the time I was out there I was thinking about how ridiculous this would feel if another human were out there or if my antics were caught on tape. LOL – probably wouldn’t make a good FOX show though… WHEN EXTREME COW ENTERTAINMENT GOES BAD.

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