Remember Magneto, the character in the X-Men who could control metal? Well, looks like the mutants are starting to turn up for real! (mutants meant in a good way, of course.) From Blue Moon News

” Leonid Tenkaev, a factory worker; his wife Galina; their daughter Tanya; and Tanya’s son, Kolya all have some strange ability to attract and make metal objects stick to their bodies. According to Dr. Valeri Lepilov, professor of physics at Saratov State University, the four have only to concentrate and think about generating heat inside their bodies” in order to set in motion some strange ability that triggers their alleged magnetic properties, which is said to be extremely powerful. Leonid, who was born in 1928, reportedly can attract up to fifty-two pounds of ferrous metal, (iron bearing) to stick to him at any one time. According to Dr. Lepilov, removing it is difficult—“like dragging a metal object off of a magnet.” The entire family was flown to Japan to demonstrate their “wild” talents. One of the witnesses, a Dr. Atsusi Kono, who was at that time the chief physician at the Djo Si Idai Hospital in Tokoyo was so impressed that he commented: “There is absolutely no doubt that the objects stick as if their bodies were magnetic.” The family first noticed their wild talents in 1987, the year after the accident at Chernobyl, which lies about seven hundred miles to the west of the Tenkaev homestead. It has been suggested that the accident had something to do with their abilities, in some as of yet undiscovered way, but there is absolutely no ‘scientific evidence” to support this. Are they the only ones? Well.. In June of 1990, the “Soviet Weekly” carried a story about a militia patrolman named Nikolai Suvorov who also had this rather odd ability. (At the bottom of the page is a link for you to see a picture of this man with all sorts of things stuck to his body.) And in 1991, Bulgaria’s “Sofia Press Agency” reported that no fewer than three hundred “magnetic” people turned up for a contest to see who could attract the most metallic objects to their bodies for the longest time.”

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