Watched the season finale of last season’s X-Files yesterday – missed it the first time around. I was really glad to see how much they really tied in a TON of the details from past shows as I was worried they were just writing scripts AROUND the actors to continue the series – sure they have to do that but it was still a good show. AND I had an X-Files dream last night. I was Skully – it was dark and we were investigating this strange small town. We were being followed and got inside this small INN lobby (very rustic). I replaced this large board in a wall that was supposed to be the door – just in time for someone to come along pounding on it trying to get in. (For some reason my fingers and hands seemed like miniature – but that’s a tangent.) I yelled for Mulder to help, but even then the aggressor was getting his fingers in, even though we’d pound them. Then he was in – but the INNkeeper knew about him and had something ready for him. It was this pile of MEAT on the table that immediately distracted this guy, who looked rather normal, but was overjoyed and in X-Files humor fashion said to Skully, “Hello – uh, pardon me for a moment, but I have to do this…” And then he went tearing gleefully into the meat. He would have done the same to Skully and Mulder if the meat wasn’t there. So then we were investigating around town and there was a vegetarian man who was claiming the meat guy was from the devil and vegetarianism was the ONLY way to go – he produced rice for a living. The local sheriff picked up one of the bags he was filling and saw a lot of flies and bugs in it and just said, “Yeah right.” – Apparently the vegetarian guy had a few ‘issues’ as well. Anyway – it was a little like the rancher/nomeatcult episode, combined with that ‘burger boy’ episode, but the point was that they guy HAD to eat the meat – he needed it AND he enjoyed it to an extreme. Just as the vegetarian enjoyed HIS way of life, but to an extreme as well. I guess it was really about any kind of EXTREMELY POLARIZED belief systems – and you can’t have one without the other – two ends of the same stick. But the dream was also inferring that there were other answers outside the polarity, but these two guys had defined themselves with the polarity and wouldn’t be ready to let go any time soon. Anyway – in my dream it was really well written. *grin*

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