School Officials in Oklahoma have accused a 15 year old student of hexing a teacher and causing him illness. The ACLU spokesman said that they believe this is the first lawsuit involving actual accusations of witchcraft. (The student is apparently a Wiccan.) They not only suspended her for casting spells, but told her she couldn’t draw or wear Wiccan symbols in school anymore.

There’s so many things I could comment on here, I’m flummoxed. *grin* Let me just say then that Wicca has been ‘officially recognized’ and that if you can wear a cross to school, or a Star of David, then Pentacles should be allowed as well. Deal with your fears people – they’re showing up in front of you so you can SEE them and decide not to be ruled by them anymore! But don’t worry – if you miss this opportunity, you will create another one.

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