Halloween’s almost here and I’ve been a little lax with my ghost story postings – so here’s “one for the road” (nyuck nyuck). “About 6 years ago, my husband bought a 20 year old van at an auction. We found out that it had been owned by an old man who lived in it, traveling around the country in his retirement. My husband fixed it up, and he started driving it around. When he drove it, there were no problems. Whenever I drove it, there were always problems. The engine would die (no pun intended) for no reason. I slammed my hand in the door three times on one errand. My clothes caught in the door, in the seat belt, even around my arms when I tried to put the key in the ignition. Of course my husband thought I was being silly. None of that stuff happened when he was around. The only time he witnessed anything was one time on our way to a camping weekend. We had our two dogs with us, and while we drove, they were sitting on the bed in the back of the van. We stopped at a mini mart for something to drink. My husband got out of the car, locking the door. I got into the back to settle the dogs before getting out of the van myself. I heard the engine start again. I turned around, and my husband was outside, frantically trying to open the locked door. I went to the drivers’ seat, and reached to the ignition turn it off. No key. Oh, yeah, my husband had it with him outside the door. My husband had trouble getting in, even with the key. So I reach over and open the door. He slid into the seat, then dropped his keys. I don’t know why, but I decided to say something. I said, “You need to stop this right now! If you keep this up, we will turn around and go home. Then you won’t get to go anywhere, and that’s what you want to do, isn’t it?” Right then, the vans’ engine stopped. After that, my husband never again laughed at me when odd things happened in that van. A few years ago, my husband replaced the engine, and we never had any sort of trouble from that van again.” (from Shadowlands)

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