Today’s Blue Moon Horoscope: Friday and here we are at the Scorpio New Moon. If you have your chart, pinpoint where the New Moon falls at 4 degrees Scorpio. Actually any of the fixed signs in the early degrees will be affected. Choices are again highlighted as again, we are WARNED to be very careful of the choices we make, especially right now. They can and will echo down through the ages. With the magnification of the Uranus station and the proximity of Neptune, these are not lightweight decisions. These are some of the big boys of the sky. Actions taken under them can’t be taken back so easily. Venus in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter. In the meantime, Mercury retro will quincunx Jupiter, reactivating the Jupiter-Pluto dance again. This is going to be with us for awhile, hope everyone is getting used to it! 🙂 We keep running into the question, “Are you SURE this is what you want?” And while the question may be getting monotonous, just remember that the Universe is giving us every opportunity to refine the vision before it becomes our reality.

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