Thursday’s Blue Moon News Horoscope: Today would be a really good day to call in sick. Think I will. 🙂 Actually, we have so much going on, it will be noticeable almost everywhere. We have three very strong aspects coming into play, and it could kick up some dust. First one out of the starting gate is Uranus who drives back direct at 17 degrees Aquarius, at 4:21 AM. (And just a reminder, I use Pacific Time, so adjust your time accordingly.) Time for change! We’ve been preparing for this for five months now. Shame on you if you aren’t ready!! Time to take a giant step forward. More like a quantum leap, but we won’t quibble about terminology. 🙂 If you have your visions lined up, and the garbage has been jettisoned, congratulations! Forward movement is almost assured. If not, setbacks rather than breakthroughs are a real possibility. Next in line, we have the Sun squaring off with Neptune at 4 degrees Scorpio-Aquarius at 3:54 PM. Time to ride the uncharted waters of your intuition. Some of it can be rather unsettling, but ride the wave, and see what you can see. You may find the answers you’ve been subconsciously avoiding. These two alignments can be quite the blow, try and hang on. This too shall pass. Do whatever you can to stay grounded, and calm. You may not see a whole lot of calm people today. Pat their pointy little heads and go for a walk. Go see the leaves turning! Pretty leaves.. .. And finally, the Moon takes her trip through the Underworld as She moves into Scorpio at 5:23 PM, driving us deeper into the waters of the subconscious. With a Scorpio Sun and Moon, it can be quite intense. But you can magnify that by about 1,000 with this alignment. This is the moment of truth, passing through the past and into the future. Don’t let the fun house mirrors distort your visions. A real good time to relax and reflect.. .. just drift. Light a candle, say a blessing and a prayer, and move one giant step ahead.

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