BTW, I’m only posting the Blue Moon Astrology THIS week because it amuses me – so enjoy it while it lasts. *grin* So – WEDNESDAY… the Moon stays on her balanced course through Libra, which, with any LUCK will have an effect on peace-making efforts. Use it if need be. We actually have a few trines kicking off today, which is always cool. The Libra Moon trines Jupiter at 6:08 AM, and trines the stationing Uranus at 6:03 PM today. This is a great time to set what your vision of the future will be. Decide what your future will be, and hold that thought! It looks to be a real productive mid-morning as the Moon in Libra forms a Grand Trine in the element of Air with Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Aquarius. Let your talents rip, and see what you can accomplish! For tomorrow we enter the New Moon, and Uranus goes direct. Busy, busy complex day tomorrow. Prepare.

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