Today’s Horoscope via Blue Moon News: Tuesday and we enter the period of anticipation before the first New Moon of the Scorpio Sun. Along with Uranus preparing to station direct on Thursday, you may notice people are tense and crabby. Blow it off, tempers are too easily set off right now. Look to the Middle East, and you tell me. Don’t expect the answers to come too easily and try and enjoy the inward journeys you will find yourselves in. Don’t go magnifying your fears in the fun-house mirrors of your imagination. That serves no purpose. Leave that to the Halloween experts and take those journeys literally, not psychologically right now. The Moon conjuncts Mars at 23 degrees Virgo just around the witching hour, (12:00 AM) which activates that critical, annoying little nagging voice in our heads. Ignore it. Nurture the inner-child, it does not need a whippin’! Patience.. .. and this too shall pass. Patience will again be a definite plus as the Moon puts on her judge’s robes in Libra at lunchtime, and later trines Saturn and then Neptune. Everything in its season and time.

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