Every Monday Blue Moon News sends out their newsletter with astrology for the weekdays. I usually ignore daily astrology because the interpretations are usually really off or too mundane and not applicable, but Blue Moon’s are actually much more to my liking – a little more conceptual, but going with the energy instead of trying to tell you which day you should go to the drycleaners for the best results. *grin* Anyway, having said that – here’s today’s:

Monday the Moon in Virgo squares off with the Jupiter-Pluto opposition first thing this morning. Still time to do the fall clean-up.. ..personal, work, home, relationships.. etc.,.. The line between reality and what we visualize will continue shifting through the week. So expect more of those “out of the corner of the eye” movements and other signs that the old ways are making way for the new. The Sun in Scorpio parallels Pluto. This is a time for shedding the past limitations and diving into the deep end of the Sea of Possibilities. Can’t get there with all the baggage. The old fears and limitations have to go. It’s a ball and chain around your neck right now. Shake it off, and let it be what the new paradigm grows out of. Holding our ghosts only causes the journey to become too heavy, letting go isn’t as painful as carrying the load. Let it go. It’s time.

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