In the ‘people are clueless’ category… we live on a private road that gets very little traffic and there are no houses anywhere near us. This morning, about 25 minutes ago, a truck drove right by our house, and then parked by this load of wood from a fallen and then cut up pine tree. I can only assume he’s there to load up on wood. (still dark – couldn’t see) No, there’s nothing wrong with that. What IS wrong is the cluelessness which allows someone to BLAST COUNTRY MUSIC from their truck stereo WHEN IT’S STILL DARK OUT and THERE’S A HOUSE a few hundred feet away (did I use enough uppercase lettering there?). Sure – I’m awake already, but John was sleeping. I don’t mind people cranking music in their cars – even when it’s so loud you can’t hear your OWN car radio – because car’s MOVE and it’s TEMPORARY and on busy streets. This guy just doesn’t seem to have a clue – or he’s stone deaf…. There’s supposed to be a quail hunter coming this morning as well, so I guess we can add eventual shotgun blasts into the mix at all – apparently Sunday is NOT going to be quietly dawning today. (I rant, but I’m laughing too.)

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