Story of the Strange: “The first night I slept in the room–I awoke to see what appeared to be three balls of light –circling near my bed. The balls would circle, zoom-in, zoom-out and then circle again. This did not frighten me, it merely intrigued me. This continued to happen frequently during the remaining 5 years that I resided in the house… This did not frighten me, however, what did frighten me though, was the “other” activity in the house – a being or apparition which tried to lift me up and out of the bed. It would start by gently pulling my blankets and sheets off of me and then slowly begin to levitate me. I would always awaken when this happened–and I would grab ahold of the sides of my bed and hang on for dear life. The ordeal would always cease there and I would lie frightened until I fell back to sleep.” (from Shadowlands)

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