Bizarre Story Du Jour: “In 1982 in the town of Te Kuiti, New Zealand, railway workers extending a track were cutting away at some mudstone, ( a type of sedimentary rock,) when one of the men cried out. He pointed to a small cavity he had uncovered in the rock, twelve feet below the ground. Inside the cavity was a live frog. And it didn’t end there.. .. another one was discovered in another rock near the discovery of the first one. Mr. L. Andrews, the supervisor, stated that it would have been quite impossible for them to have fallen into any holes…. and … A horned lizard that was found quite alive in a block of stone: “So solid as to preclude the entrance of the smallest insect,” was sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington by Judge Houghton of New Mexico in 1853. The lizard lived for two days after its release.” (from Blue Moon News)

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