I really liked the sitcom Titus last season. The format was refreshing, kinda like the 70’s show – showing things that people ‘shouldn’t’ do, and in a way, showing people the way they really are, instead of having every episode be a moralistic lesson learned or something. So far this season though, for some reason it feels overly harsh to me. I’ve seen two episodes, and it’s just been this disfunctional family always being mean and sarcastic to each other – not that that can’t be funny once in a while, but I found myself really wanting something HAPPY to happen to them. Instead of laughing, I found myself pitying the characters for being so desperate for love in one way or another and then never getting what they need. Maybe some character development would help. But then I think of what Frye from Futurama said ~ “People don’t want change and character development – if they had the characters change it would just remind people of how mundane and pointless and stagnant their OWN lives are.”

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