Been reading a lot of ghost stories about doors that fly open on their own and I wonder. I have out-of-body experiences occasionally and I remember one very vividly. I was at this house (that I didn’t know of in waking reality) and having a grand time playing with sticking my hand through the wall – *grin* – I could feel all the layers of walling as different “textures”. Then, next, I went to the front door and wanted to go out, but I couldn’t seem to get through, either by going ‘through’ it or by ‘opening’ it. I gathered some energy and suddenly I burst through, and the door seemed to pop open. I had the distinct impression that I had popped open a PHYSICAL door as well when I did that. I guess an OBE person could ‘haunt’ a house rather like a ‘ghost’ could – ooops!

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