A few days ago John mentioned that the full moon would kick in around 2 a.m. on Friday. 2 a.m. on Friday comes around – BOOM – I’m laying fully awake in the bed and am just staring around the room. I sometimes wonder why some people seem to be more affected by full moons and not others – please don’t tell me it’s a female/lunar cycle attunement thingy – LOL. I don’t think I’ve ALWAYS been affected by them, but I haven’t payed too much attention except for the last few years. And I would have tried to go back to sleep too, but everytime I did, suddenly a little mouse critter in the wall (country rental living, remember) would scratch, almost RIGHT BY MY HEAD. So I took it as a sign to just GET UP. Funny – the critter has mostly been quiet now. Egad. Anyway – I feel much better being up, and at least I have all you lovely blog-readers to talk to. And Tom who lives the life of a reverse, inverse vampire. *grin* (No, that last part doesn’t particularly make mathematical or logical sense, but it was fun to write.)

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