When describing states of mind or focus you have to go with subjective feel – concrete words just don’t work. Like – here’s an attempt: I used to find myself focusing very specifically on details and sometimes I would worry, particularly when no solution was forthcoming. No, however, I “see” the situation I want to change, and just sort of let it drift in my mind, loose, and then I find new ideas coming in.

Together with this, I seem to be stepping into an acceptance of the “mystery” of life – that is, allowing myself to NOT KNOW and just open and BE THERE with it. This has been easy in some areas of my life – and those areas are where I was always good at listening to my intuition. But in areas like creating money, where I learned to be a control freak, and where it deals with survival, it has been a longer journey into this state of ‘acceptance.’

It’s funny – in order to write about something I have to get my mind around it first – getting my mind around my mind? Well… *grin* It may sound corny, but it’s like an energetic ‘opening to embrace’ – whether it’s an idea, or a desire, or a theory or thought… And sometimes I try to get my mind around, or get conscious of something before I’ve gotten all the aspects together or before my mind’s open enough to allow it – like trying to bite into a huge sandwich while your mouth’s only open a half inch – heh heh.

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