Every morning now when we take the dogs outside they go nuts sniffing the yard – more nuts than usual. I’m wondering if we have wild boar roaming through now. We saw one that had gotten hit by a car at the side of the road the other day – first one we’d seen in a long time, dead or not. A few years ago, we had a pack of about *30* wild boar that used to come out around dusk, and start eating all the acorns from the live oak grove in the pasture behind us. It’s kinda weird hearing screeching, snorting, and grunting so close by. And some of those pigs are HUGE and can get up to 400-500 pounds. That, with tusks, and an attitude, isn’t something you want to run into unawares. One smallish boar, with mottled pink and white and black skin and bristly fur, used to squeeze under the fence and eat the acorns in OUR yard that the other boar couldn’t get at – we named him Wilbur. At night, we’d take the dog (only had one dog then) out on leashes and there’d be Wilbur, under the largest tree, eating acorns. “Hey Wilbur – you have to leave now so the dog can do his business!” At first he left right away, and over some time we’d have to get closer to him to show him we were serious. He’d wander off and then as soon as we were inside, he’d squeeze back in and continue his eating.

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