(So we’re not the ONLY ones who see ‘black things’ scampering about! *grin*) Here’s today’s story of the strange: “It wasn’t until the last month that I found out that I actually had a story to tell. I mean, we’ve all seen things and sure, I’ve seen little black things out of the corner of my eye follow me on the way to school. I didn’t think they were real. Just some figment of my imagination, dredged up from reading too many Steven King books, right? Then, one night I saw one in plain sight, though it looked like a black cat, i knew we had no black cats in the house. It ran across my mother’s bedroom and under her bed, but never came out. Ever. Every now and then I would just get this feeling, like the night wasn’t the friendlist place to be in, and when I did, I got the hell in doors and into the light…away from shadows. When I was very young, I remeber waking up to a white figure floating above my bed, more comical looking and friendly than scary, and in one blink it was gone. All this was many years ago, and as I moved out of one house and into another, everything stopped for awhile. But then, I would get the feeling that something was in my room, footsteps would fall on my plush carpet with no feet to leave them. My stereo would come on for no reason, would not turn off, and then just as mysteriously go off again. When I moved to college, everything was peaceful once again. But one night in my girlfriend’s backyard, I saw what I thought was one of her sisters hiding under her dad’s (big) truck. While her sisters have done that before, it seemed strange that one of them would have such a maniacal smile on her face. We went inside, only to find all of her sisters had been in the whole time, and then the same feeling hit me again…the night was not to be ventured in that night. But I filed all of this away, dismissing it on an overactive imagination. But now…now they’ve come back. Or maybe it’s not the same ones, I don’t know. … And then last night, I was on the phone with my friend, Curtis at 2:00am (both of us our nightowls, him more than me, but lately I developed this strange insomnia that won’t let me go to sleep until 4 or 5 in the morning…), and I could feel somebody looking over my shoulder all the time, a precense beyond normal senses. I could move to another place, but would it really help?” (from Shadowlands) (Me again – I’ve never been as freaked by the ‘black things’ but sometimes when I’m outside the night feels extra alive, rather foreign too – and I feel more comfortable inside. My guess is that different energies are outside at night, especially out here in the country, and the fear is because I’m not familiar with them… yet?)

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