Ghost Story Du Jour: The Haunted House In Liverpool (I picked this one because I grew up in Liverpool, but in NY, not in England. *grin*) … “It was Christmas, I guess 1970 or 71 I was still little more than a baby and both of my Grandmothers were staying over for the festive season. I must have been out of my old nursery room because I know I was supposed to be moved back to the nursery (box room) to make room for the two old ladies. I also know I wouldn’t go I was adamant that the box room belonged to “the Lady” and not for anything would my three year old self sleep in there. My Mum’s Mother ended up taking the room in my stead, laughing at my parents foolishness for believing all this haunting rubbish. Anyway I don’t know how many nights she had stayed but on one of the Christmas nights my Nan had an interesting experience. It must have been fairly late and my Nan was getting undressed in the box bedroom when another old lady joined her in the room. The other lady looked at my Nan and said “hello Amy (my Nan’s name)love, I haven’t seen you in ever such a long time.” My nan fled, can’t say I blame her, it’s a small room to be cooped up in with someone who you know is dead. It later transpired it had been the previous owner of the house, a woman my Nan had known in the past, a woman who died under quite tragic circumstances in the house.” (from Shadowlands)

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