I have never understood the reason for the Electoral College. No, that’s not true – I see WHY they keep it, but have always thought it was STUPID and a CONTROL mechanism. In keeping with the “you get what you focus on” idea, I have just run across this little tidbit about the 1992 elections. Clinton got 44,908,254 popular votes and 370 E.C. votes. Bush got 39,102,343 popular votes and 168 E.C. votes. Ross Perot got 19,741,065 popular votes and NO E.C. votes. That doesn’t ‘make me think’ as much as it does confirm the thinking I’ve already been doing – that I’ve never felt like my voting in an election mattered one iota. And it’s not just because I’m supposedly a Gen-Xer – LOL. Mostly now, I just observe as the presidential election broo-ha-hah struts around, thinking that’s it’s so dang IMPORTANT, while to me it looks like a ghost image.

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