*cough* Yes, I still post here. *grin* Two things to share early this Monday morning.

Mid last week for three consecutive days I had dreams that seemed to move at amazing speed. I could never remember details of the dreams, but I was waking up feeling mentally exhausted and just attempting to think about the dreams made my head spin. I could catch confusing glimpses, but there was no way I could process the images fast enough to make any sense of them. It felt like I was downloading encyclopedias into my brain while I slept, quite a cool experience.

The other event took place last night. I was driving down the driveway at 4AM, going to get a coke at 7-11. I drive slowly at night here because deer commonly attempt suicide by means of smushing. As I was driving I got the impression that I should stop. When I “tuned in” to see what it was about I saw a girl in the back seat. She was in her 20’s but very small, she had short brown hair and was holding her hands over her ears and yelling. This was all in my head since I was looking at the road and not the back seat, but it was a very vivid vision. I knew that I was not supposed to do anything, it was just about me seeing her for some reason. I saw her again twice in the rear view mirror, both times for about 3 seconds. A few minutes later her presence had left completely.

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